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    We have a seasoned management team and a powerful international R&D team.

    Having manufactured the crystalline silicon solar cells for 13 years, Aiko Solar has attracted a large number of outstanding people and built up an international R&D team of great expertise. With leading technology R&D and product development, the company has a group of excellent R&D staff, most of whom hold a master’s degree or above, and all of whom have extensive work experience in the PV industry.

    Leading bifacial PERC technology and extensive experience in applying mass production technology.

    As one of the companies that were the first to mass produce PERC cells, Aiko Solar pioneered the tubular PERC technology with superb overall performance, obtained several core patents, applied the bifacial technology to the PERC cells that further increased the conversion efficiency of the cells, and was the first to introduce the “bifacial, metrology, and classification” technology that resulted in great advances in the industry.



    Scale production, delicacy management, and intelligent manufacturing technology to create scale and cost advantage.

    The company is one of the efficient solar cell intelligent manufacturers that were the first to adopt the new-generation information technologies that included RFID, CPS, and neural network based on the industrial Internet and AI. By introducing digital management systems and business management platforms, it’s digitalized all of its business operations.

    Popular with global leading crystalline silicon module producers and strong in integrating resources.

    As one of the outstanding businesses on the PV industrial chain, the company has been dedicated to delivering technology, product, and management innovations to constantly reduce the “cost of electricity” of PV power generation and enhance its PV cost advantage. The crystalline silicon module producers with shipment ranking in the global top 10 are all its major accounts, and most of the leading vendors in the industrial chain have also been partnering with the company.


    The company obtained a total of 792 authorized patents(As of June 2022)​.

    Partners in obtaining the patents: University of New South Wales, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research, Zhejiang University, and Sun Yat-Sen University.

    Awards: China Patent Excellence Award, Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Award, First Prize of the Foshan Hi-Tech Progress Award, Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Right Demonstration Company, and Guangdong Provincial Innovation-driven Company.

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    With the industry's leading PERC cell manufacturing technology and production and supply capabilities, it is one of the world's major suppliers of PERC cell.



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