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Shanghai Aiko Solar Energy Co.,Ltd. (Stock code: 600732)is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research ,development, production, sale and service of solar cells.As one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of PERC cells, Aikosolar ranked first in export volume of PERC Single/Bifacial Solar Cell in the world in 2018 with its manufacturing technology and production and supply capacity. Aikosolar has established 3 major production bases in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, and Tianjinin City in China, with an existing production capacity of more than9.2GW.Aikosolar will continue to improve the production capacity, making the efficient solar cell production capacity to reach 22GW by the end of 2020 through external capacity expansion and internal potential exploration, so as to consolidate its status in the high-efficiency solar cells industry.

With the high-level talent introduction mechanism, Aikosolar has established an international R&D team, and most of the R&D team members has attained a master's degree or above.Aikosolar has attained hundreds of patented technologies and national excellent patent awards. Other than that,Aikosolar has also been administered as the provincial enterprise technology center, the provincial enterprise key laboratory, and has been appointed as the provincial engineering technology center . Aikosolar emphasizes technology development, and introduces new products in to market continually.We have earned an excellent reputation among crystalline silicon module enterprises across the globe by providing customers with " higher efficiency, higher reliability and higher power generation "solar cells.

Persisting to the business philosophy of “creating differentiated competitiveness for customers and assisting customers to achieve commercial success”, Aikosolar will focus on technological reform continuously, striving for rapid development with the favorable support of the capital market, and creating more value for shareholders.