About Us


Aiko Solar

Focus on PV cell manufacturing

Aiko Solar focus on the field of PV cell manufacturing. Providing PV cells with high efficiency, high reliability and high power generation for customers is the only reason for Aiko Solar’s existence. As long as we put our efforts together and concentrate on research, improving the power efficiency of PV cells continuously and reduce the cost of electricity, we will certainly achieve great achievement.


High efficiency PV cells, high quality, customer oriented service, quick response to custeomer’s need, and assist customer to create different competitiveness are Aiko Solar’s mission for customers. Creating value for customers and supporting customers for the business success are the only way for Aiko Solar’s existence. “Never Compete With Our Strategic Partners”. This Aiko Solar’s positioning is the main factor for success in the past and it is also the key to Aiko Solar’s future growth.

Quality First

Aiko Solar insists on using top grade raw materials and cooperates with the top suppliers only. In order to ensure stable solar power generation for more than 30 years, we pay attention to the cost on the basis of quality guarantee, continue learning Japanese and Germany advanced quality assurance system, increase the quality standard, improve product quality and become the best-quality PV Cell manufacturer. 

Globalized Business

In the near future, the company will strengthen the globalized business for technology and partnership and build global management system and R&D center with world-class sciences, experienced executives and all global talents.


Stick to high sense of business morality

“ Speak the truth”, Do the right thing, Be honest, Be responsible and Never cheat. Grow together with our partners, never be malicious to others, share the benefits with others and build better business environment with not only partners but also competitors. And Aiko Solar respects the intellectual property rights of the industry and protects our intellectual property rights.

Put our best efforts

Hard work, Learn continuously, Create new ideas, Self-improvement, Improve work efficiency and overall coordination.

Suppliers as our long-term partner

Having reliable suppliers is Aiko's core competitiveness. We prefer to have suppliers that have world-class competitiveness as our long-term partners. We choose right suppliers by objective and fair evaluation and grow with them together.

Innovation is the lifeblood of a company

Aiko Solar can't achieve significant improvements without continuous improvement of high efficiency PV cells and efforts of cost reduction. Aiko Solar can only survive in the market through full efforts of product improvement and cost reduction. Having innovative intellectual property, core technologies, deep understanding of customers need and mass production technology based on customer’s need are the lifeblood of Aiko Solar company.

Pursue long-term achievable growth

Maintain a realistic growth rate, Continuously strengthen the scale effect and management efficiency,  Pursue long-term achievable growth, Extensive cooperation and sharing benefits with partners in the industry, Build a healthy and friendly market environment, Become a leading company in the industry

Stick to sustainable development

Meet the real need of customers and achieve mutual benefits for customers, shareholders and employees. Do the best to pay back to the society, be a good corporate citizen and stick to safety, health, compliance and sustainable development.