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Zhejiang Aiko Solar Accelerates Ramp of PERC Cells with Advanced Metallization Systemfrom Applied Materials

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YiWu, China, June XX, 2017 – ZhejiangAiko Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Aiko Solar) today announced it is accelerating theproduction ramp of PERC solar cellswith the recent purchase of multiple advanced Tempo™metallization systems from Applied Materials, Inc.

“Aiko Solar invested approximately RMB 2000 million in a new manufacturing plant in Yiwu, Zhejiangand plans future investments of RMB 6 billion to accommodate further expansion to 8 GW of production capacity within 5 years,” said Michael Ho, vice president of Aiko Solar. “As we expand our capacity to produce bi-facial PERC cells, we need best-in-class tools to achieve our high throughput, quality and efficiency targets. We selected Applied’s Tempo systembecause of its advanced unique Fine Line Double Print™ capabilities and high-productivity operation,and are pleased to equip our new facility with this leading-edge tool.”

“We are delighted to enable AikoSolar’s ramp of advanced PERC cells with our high-performance Tempo metallization system and our exceptional support team in China,” said Salvo Cultrera, general manager of Baccini Cell Systems at Applied Materials. “By offering industry-leading levels of throughput and process performance, the Tempo tool enables Aiko Solar to maximize cell efficiencies and quickly boost production yield. Our FLDP technology allows superior quality front-side metallization and the application of Esatto technology for high-precision alignment helps the manufacture of high-quality bifacial PERC cells.”

Higher efficiency solar modules can be achieved with more advanced cell structures. AikoSolar’sdual-side PERC cell architecture delivers solar conversion efficiencies of more than 21.5% on the front-side and over 15% on the backside, providing an additional 20% power yield compared to conventional PERC cells.

Michael Ho adds, “As the performance of PV cells continue to improve, demand for high-quality andreliable solar modules is also increasing. We are reaching this target by optimizing all metallization steps, both on the front and backside of the cell. This leads to higher front-side efficiency andadditional power generated thanks to bifaciality andhigher module reliability,while lowering manufacturing cost. One additional issue of great concern is the lack of industry measurement standards for bifacial modules; we are heavily investing in this

Established in 2009, Aiko Solar researches, manufactures, sells and provides services for crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV cells. The company aims to deliver more reliable, advanced and efficient clean energy products through continued R&D and innovation.

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