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PERC 5BB solar cells passed the tests of ± 1000V PID test and power attenuation test at the Trina Solar Photovoltaic System Test Center

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Guangdong Aiko Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in efficient solar cell research, manufacturing, sales and service. In June, 2017, modules with its mono PERC 5BB solar cells passed the tests of ± 1000V PID test and power attenuation test at the Trina Solar Photovoltaic System Test Center.

Trina Solar Photovoltaic Products Testing Center has been accredited by CNAS Laboratory, and has been recognized by national accreditation body in the field of system inspection. The test data of the testing center can guarantee the accuracy, reliability and Impartiality.

Guangdong Aiko Solar mono PERC cells successfully passed Trina Solar reliability test and power attenuation test, fully reflects the excellent design and quality of Guangdong Aiko Solar. Its excellent research and development and production capability, will boost the high efficient mono PERC cells to be widely applied in the market.

RC mass production method has three influential factors, first of all, the complicated process line; Secondly, the unmatured corresponding mass production facilities, third, relative to the traditional structure of the solar cells, PERC brings a series of reliable performance problems and it can not be effectively resolved. These three factors lead the disadvantages to the PERC solar cells. Although the heavy promotion to the system side, PERC technology did not show clear advantages to the market

A new breakthrough development in anti-LID technology has resulted in a 20 kWh LID (light attenuation) of a mono PERC cell reduced to less than 1.5% on a Cz-B-doped wafer and has successfully passivated hydrogen Technology into mass production. PERC cell conversion efficiency is now more than 21.5%, standard 6 x 12 modules have an averaged power of 300W; Mono PERC bifacial cells can have an efficiency more than 21.5% for the front side. For the rear side, it can generate an efficiency more than 15%. 60 cells with two-sided double glass modules can increase the efficiency up to 20% or 360W.

Zhzjiang Aikosolar (A wholly owned subsidiary of Guangdong Aiko Solar), as the 8GW high-efficient PERC cell production base, will follow the excellent tradition of Guangdong Aiko Solar and continue to produce high-efficient PERC cells and PERC bifacial cells for providing new technology and excellent quality to make more contributions. The goal is to offer technological innovation and to provide customers with more high-efficient and more high-quality PERC cells. Guangdong Aiko solar  continues to create the capacity beyond the customer expectations of business value.

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