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Successful Entry of Management Trainees Spring 2017 into Zhejiang Aixu

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Since its launch in April, Zhejiang Aixu’s nation-wide tour recruitment talk for spring campus recruitment 2017 has presented 23 wonderful offline talks in colleges & universities in 10 cities of China, including Zhejiang University, Wuhan University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Northwestern Polytechnical University, South China University of Technology, Sichuan University, Central South University, Hunan University, Chongqing University, and Northwest A&F University,etc., and recruited 118 outstanding young students for vacantpositions of technology R&D, production & manufacturing, IT process and management & operation at Aixu; they are expected to work with senior big names to change the PV industry using the power of technology.

Fig. 1 The scene of campus talk


This campus recruitment, considered the largest one of Guangdong Aiko and Zhejiang Aixu, is targeted at developing outstanding personnel with appropriate professional background and excellent comprehensive quality who recognize the Company’s corporate culture. Scientific and technological innovation is an inexhaustible impetus for enterprise development, and personnel training is of top priority in enterprise development. The technological innovation at Zhejiang Aixu is backed up with the training of qualified personnel; it’s the core concept of personnel training at Aixu to “employ the most suitable people, provide the biggest stage, begin with the end in mind, look into the future, and enable outstanding talents to stand out”.


Aixu has got well prepared for the development of management trainees by establishing a series of sophisticated personnel training mechanisms such as boot camp, induction training course, elite instructor, and workshop rotation so as to provide a space for rapid growth of new strategically reserved talents with infinite potential.


On July 13, the three-day boot camp came to an end. Military training and team building tempered the will of new comers, and more importantly, they enhanced the understanding and collaboration between teams. Management trainee ZHOU Lin wrote in his summary of experience that, “In the last section of the event, all of us made a big circle along a long end-to-end rope. We lied on the lawn putting our hands up to the sky. In the light of sunset, it seemed that the big circle turned into another shining red sun. At that moment, I felt at the bottom of my heart that we are a team that devotes itself to Aiko.”

Fig. 2 Military training


Fig. 3 Military training


The subsequent training courses cover such key points as industry introduction, corporate culture, professional quality, career planning, business etiquette, team and execution, the seven habits of successful people, effective communication, cost consciousness, quality management, equipment basics, process basics, and safety and 5S so as to help management trainees turn from “straight A students” into “career talents”.


The recent elite instructor team of Zhejiang Aixu featured a wonderful line-up; led by the Chairman and composed of by VPs, this team led new comers to get familiar with the Company’s procedures and get adapted to their posts of duty. New employees advanced by leaps and bounds thanks to senior leaders’ careful instruction.


During workshop rotation, as the last section of the training, all the 118 management trainees were allocated to workshops for hands-on operation so that they could get proficient in each manufacturing process. “The experience in job rotation is the greatest treasure of my life,” said management trainee ZHANG Yupeng, “here, I learned about specialized knowledge of production line, and accepted and passed the tempering for the first time. Such adamancy and perseverance will keep in company with me all my life, and leave an indelible mark in my life.”


Management trainees got into their own positions successively in the past few days, and they’ll “write the first chapter” of their life & career in the “big family” at Zhejiang Aixu. XU Xinfeng the HR Director “expects every new employee to finish role transition as soon as possible, get adapted to the environment, keep good communication with others, build good frame of mind, bear in mind their duties all the time, and have the courage to shoulder responsibilities; attach importance to the integration of personal growth with company development, and try to take on more missions and chase for higher goals.” Added to this, he stressed that “the national tour recruitment talk for campus recruitment autumn 2017 is about to launch, and Zhejiang Aixu has got adequately prepared, hoping that more aspiring young people will join the ‘big family’ at Aixu.”


Zhejiang Aixu has been thinking ahead and seeking satisfactory talents with perseverance suitable for its development strategy. Through the recruitment from key colleges & universities throughout China and the recruitment of global senior management talents, Aixu constantly optimizes its teams and gets personnel well trained and prepared for expansion and development in different periods. Again, the recent campus recruitment demonstrated the extensive appeal and attraction of Zhejiang Aixu in colleges & universities, and will provide an excellent HR support for Aixu’s steady development, thereby enabling Aixu to enhance its competitiveness, create value for customers, and provide the society with reliable, quality and efficient clean energy products.


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