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Top 10 manufacturers in terms of domestic delivery in H1 of 2017 - Guangdong Aiko’s clients lead the industry

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On September 11, 2017, PV InfoLink, a well-known PV media agency published the list of top 10 PV manufacturers in terms of domestic delivery in the first half of 2017. All the top 9 manufacturers in the list are the clients of Guangdong Aiko. Jinko (2.19GW delivered) ranks first in the domestic market. Longi Lerri (over 2.1GW delivered) keeps pace with Jinko with a strong momentum. GCL System Integration and Trina Solar (1.8-1.9GW delivered) are tied for third place. Jaso, Suntech, YGE, Canadian Solar and Risen Energy, etc. delivered over 1GW respectively, thus having to be reckoned with.


As a consulting company focused on investigation & survey in Asia, PV InfoLink is composed of analysts profoundly experienced in PV industry, and offers the most real-time market information, including PV product price tracking, the establishment of global PV supply & demand database, the publication of market survey & analysis report, and consulting service for individual companies; this company is famous for its accurate price tracking and in-depth market survey & analysis report in the Asian market.

Congratulations to clients of Guangdong Aiko for their excellent performance in the first half of the year. According to the prediction by PV InfoLink, the distributed PV electricity price adjustment in China after September 2017 is the biggest uncertainty of subsequent market demand; if the distributed PV electricity price begins to go down on January 1, 2018, the gradually weakening domestic demand will rebound immediately, which may bring about a more booming distributed PV market; in view of the additional effect of the Top Runner Program, a new upsurge in installation may emerge in Q4 of 2017. Hence, the clients of Guangdong Aiko are predicted to do better and gain more in the second half of 2017.


China-based top solar module manufacturers in terms of deliveries such as Jinko, Longi Lerri, GCL System Integration, Trina Solar, Jaso, Suntech, YGE, Canadian Solar and Risen Energy have been giving credit and support to Guangdong Aiko. Guangdong Aiko will continue to maintain its consistent sense of service, grow jointly with clients through better and more efficient products, and create business value beyond their expectations.

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