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The application and advantages of high efficiency cells

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Thanks to the higher profits they bring, bifacial cells have been heating up gradually since 2018.Bifacial power generation schemes account for 62% of the total in the construction of the third Top Runner project. The reason why bifacial cell can develop rapidly in recent years lies in its unique advantages.

Since the upgrade of PERC cell from single-side power generation to double-side power generation is relatively easy to achieve, the cost of p-type PERC double-side power generation will not increase too much compared with single-side power generation while the benefits can still be significantly improved. It is known that the double-sided power generation module and tracking bracket can increase the power generation by 15-30%. If the reflection coefficient of surface environment is high, the benefit is more obvious.

Different types of surface reflection coefficients

Due to the front and back symmetry of the bifacial cell and the consistency of silicon wafer internal structure, hidden crack is not easy to occur in the packaging. With the trend of lamination, thinner wafer are more likely to be used in bifacial cells.

Bifacial cells normally use double-glass structure and the power generation life cycle is generally 30 years, so that it brings better economic benefits.

In addition, DuPont's new transparent back panel (which can last up to 30 years) adds an option for encapsulating double-sided power generation modules, which are more adaptable and require little additional equipment investment for most manufacturing processes. Using backboard instead of glasses and maintaining original framework making it distinctive in weather resistance and installation convenience in compare to bifacial glass panels.

As the current cell industry leader, Aiko solar follows the market development trend closely. By September 2018, the shipment volume of bifacial cells of Aiko has exceeded 600MW.Aiko Solar is the main supplier of the 3rd batch of Top Runner. Aiko is chosen by mainly the following three reasons:

1.    High efficiency: at present, Aiko high efficiency single/bifacial cell front efficiency parity 22%, the power generation of conventional packaging 60 plate type modules can reach 315W, 72 plate type power can reach 375W, exceeding the standard of full score leader by 5 watts;

2.  High reliability: Aiko obtained the first bifacial PID cell certificate, and its test condition is double 85,192 hours, -1500v (the current industry standard is double 85,96 hours, -1000v). Aiko uses more stringent standards for the power station earnings to do continuous escort;

3.    High profit: after aging test of TC600 and DH3000, the LID loss of Aiko cell is less than 3% which is tripled as IEC standard. TC600,DH3000means simulating outdoor to use 30 years actually namely.

As the advantages of bifacial cell become increasingly obvious, bifacial modules are bound to be the future development direction. Therefore, choosing Aiko’s efficient PERC cell with high efficiency, high reliability and high profit is the premise of obtaining high profit. Meanwhile, Aiko will continue to obtain higher profit for customers.

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