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Aikosolar 's high-efficiency PERC cell display on Tokyo PV EXPO

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On February 27, 2019, the opening of PV EXPO in Tokyo, Japan, Aikosolar  as high-efficiency PERC cells leading manufacturer.join in the exhibition.

In the exhibition,Aiko cells won the recognition of customers with its "high efficiency, high reliability and high power generation". epeciallyfull square mono PERC cell technology  has received enthusiastic attention from customers and various media.


Compared with conventional cells, the  full square mono PERC cell product  has an effective area of 3%. With the high-performance PERC technology of Aikosolar, the power of a single module can be increased by 10W, and the actual power generation efficiency is significantly increased. Using full square mono PERC cell, the highest output power of module  can reach more than 400W, and the module efficiency can exceed 20%.

In addition, Aikosolar's double flash detecting solution was show up on the exhibition. This technology can make double-sided test data as the design basis of the design side of the power station, improve the back consistency and reduce the mismatch problem. In order to achieve a reasonable tolerance ratio, we can provide customers with positive and negative efficiency and higher reliability.


Tianjin manufacturing base was also display on the  pv expo , there 's full of expectations for this new manufacturing base . In the future,Aikosolar  will adhere to the "customer-centric" and provide "high efficiency, high reliability, high power generation" cells products to customers around the world. The era of photovoltaic 4.0 has arrived. In response to technological development and industry demand, Aikosolar  will make unremitting efforts to create more value for customers!

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