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22.5% PERC Makes Its Debut at SOLAREX Turkey, Leading Future!

Number of visits: Date:2019-4-12 13:19:23

In respect of the geographic location, Turkey is a link between the continents of Europe and Asia, which has become the third largest market demanding high-efficiency PERC cell due to the sharply increasing energy consumption and especially the swiftly developing photovoltaic industry during recent years, only following the Republic of Korea and Germany. On April 4, 2019, SOLAREX ISTANBUL on a yearly basis was unveiled in Istanbul, Turkey, which attracted not only the local excellent manufacturers in Turkey but also numerous well-known producers from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It was at this exhibition that Aikosolar, the leading company engaged in high-efficiency PERC cell, made its amazing debut by displaying its mass-produced PERC cell with the efficiency of 22.5%.  

Throughout this exhibition, the excellent local enterprises in Turkey, such as SMART ENERGY, SCHMID, and CWENERGY, have all presented their solutions of high-efficiency PERC cell and double-sided PERC cell, and a large number of EPC enterprises like PRIME ENERJI and NUROL one after another consulted Aikosolar about such technical solutions featured by optimal LCOE as double-sided PERC cell and square mono-crystalline solar cells. In the opinion of many exhibitors, the high-efficiency double-sided solutions would be bound to the technical direction in the future. Aikosolar, by virtue of its enhanced investment in research and development of products, again launched its square mono-crystalline solar cells with higher encapsulated power at lower KWH cost in 2019, after it introduced its double-sided cells and became Top 1 worldwide in the shipments of double-sided cells in 2018. At present, Aikosolar is the first enterprise able to achieve the gigawatt-level mass production of PERC cell with a high efficiency of 22.5% and supply half-cut and MBB cells as well as encapsulated power exceeding 415W, maximally meeting the demands of Turkey and Europe for high-efficiency products and bringing options of high efficiency to the market.


In the future, Aikosolar will continue to focus on the manufacturing of solar cells, insist on keeping customer-oriented and quality-first, strengthen the globalized operation and layout of its technologies and businesses, constantly invest more in products research and development, adhere to good professional ethics and strictly follow the principle that innovation is the lifeline of an enterprise, and pursue long-term effective growth and sustainable development, maintain hard work, and create commercial value beyond the expectation of customers.

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