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2019 Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Festival Aikosolar Follows the "Big" Trend!

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From June 4th to June 5th, 2019, the annual Shanghai SNEC exhibition was held as scheduled at Shanghai New International Expo Center. At this event, Aikosolar participated in the exhibition with a series of high efficiency cell products, which attracted extensive attention of global component manufacturers.

During the exhibition, on the evening of June 5th, Aikosolar held the “2019 General Trend, Aikosolar Night Appreciation Dinner” at Jumeirah Himalaya Hotel Shanghai. More than 300 people participated in the dinner.

At the opening of the evening party, the Chairman of Aikosolar mentioned the core of Aikosolar’s operation in the past ten years in the speech, in addition to the continuous innovation of products, the supplier partners with global competitiveness both at present and in the future are another “core competitiveness” for Aikosolar to survive. At the same time, Chairman CHEN also said in his speech: "Technology, quality, cost, service, and timely delivery" are the basic requirements of customers, and with the Tianjin base put into production, Aikosolar's production capacity will reach 9.2GW. Meanwhile, Aikosolar will center on creating value for customers, assist customers to create differentiated market competitiveness, focus on important links such as “efficiency, quality and cost”, and continuously develop products with technically higher-performing and lower cost per kilowatt hour that can continue to bring value to customers.

Mr. Michael, Vice President of Operation of Aikosolar, shared the development trend of the future industry chain at the dinner party, and then, the latest product of Aikosolar in 2019, 166mm*166mm large-size P-type high efficiency PERC cell was also released at the dinner party, which will accelerate the pace of the PV 4.0 era, and help the power of module reach 450W or above. With the "bifacial cell & bifacial testing" technology initiated by Aikosolar, all the products of Aikosolar can meet the requirements of "maximizing front side efficiency and unifying rear side efficiency".

Recently, Trina Solar, Jinko Solar, JA Solar, Artes, Hanwha, Longi, Suntech and other first-tier module companies have successively released 400W+ modules, and with the help of 166 large-size cells, with technology as the driving force, PV will enter the 4.5 era at a higher speed. It is expected that the average efficiency of mass production of Aikosolar production lines will reach 22.8% at the end of the year. The superposition of 166 large-size cell and the latest module packaging technology can further improve the power of the modules and make the power of modules easily reach 450W or more.

This year is also the tenth year that Aikosolar has entered the PV industry. Aikosolar has achieved high efficiency cells with a super-gigawatt-level supply efficiency of 22.5%; has performed bifacial testing for cells of all production lines; and has realized the MBB technology for cells. Aikosolar has also achieved the outstanding performance of ranking the world’s first in the delivery of PERC cells in 2018, and ranking the first in terms of cell shipment in Q1 of 2019 in the world. In the future, Aikosolar will continue to assist customers in creating differentiated market competitiveness, and it is the only reason for Aikosolar’s existence to provide customers with cells that have high efficiency, high reliability and high generating capacity.

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