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Aiko Solar

Size: 156.75mm × 156.75mm ± 0.25mm (diameter 210± 0.25mm)

Thickness: 190± 20μm

  Front(-):Silicon dioxide + blue silicon nitride composite anti-reflection film (PID Free); main gate width is 0.1±0.01mm, main gate head is large bifurcation; the size of 8 solder joints at the junction of main gate and the fingers is 0.6mm × 1mm.

  Back (+):AlOx and SiNx dual layer & Rear Contact (Al); Rear electrode is composed at 9 rear compound bus bar and 150 rear Al finger lines ;6 type 2.1±0.20mm silver electrode;No laser pattern under the rear electrode;Round type silver electrode and 1.2±0.4 mm hollow at both ends.