Core Advantage


Aiko Solar

Core advantage

1. Our company is based on professional and international courses of the development. By hiring highly experienced technical experts of the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry, we have established a research team with powerful technical strength. We have also established technical cooperation with the Solar Energy Research Institute of Zhongshan University and the Advanced Optoelectronics Research Institute of South China Normal University in an effort to research low-cost, efficient crystalline silicon solar cells.

2. In 2014, our company established Guangdong Research Center for Solar Photovoltaic Engineering Technology to play a leading role in improving the innovation ability of the industry. Moreover, Aiko has undertaken one project of the national torch program, obtained fund for four projects by the province and the fund for one project by the municipal sci-tech department. The efficient 156 polycrystalline silicon solar cell through our continuous research was rated as the key new product of the State.

3. In 2015, our company was rated as the high-tech enterprise of the State once more, and will transform successively several high-tech products every year. Besides, we have applied for patent to form core intellectual property. Through independent research and development, we have obtained 164 patents, including 21 authorized invention patents, 85 authorized utility model patents and 98 invention patents that are being examined. All this gives full play to Aiko’s strength and ability in technical research.

R & D direction: 

1. Our company commits to supplying products exceeding customers’ expectations. Our research focuses on efficient PERC cells whose transfer efficiency exceeds 21.5%. In the meantime, we pay attention to the frontier development of photovoltaic technology and the upstream and downstream product technology of photovoltaic cells, whilst continuing research in efficient battery pack and photovoltaic applied power generation system.

2. Our company keeps up with the market trend and has successively researched new products in line with the market need. So far we have successfully researched the PERC technology, double battery technology and other patented technologies and put them into volume production successively. At the same time, we have been providing customers with crystalline silicon solar cells of higher quality and higher transfer efficiency.