Core Advantage


Aiko Solar

Higher quality pursuit
Innovative bifacial cells brings more greater values to customers

The integrated of EL, AOI and I-V tester can provide more higher quality assurance for products;

The world’s leading flashlight detection design in the tester can complete the double-sided flash detections for the bifacial cell and achieve the electric test data of the front side /back side and the EL picture at one test program;

To provide the bifacial cells with consistent efficiency on front side and back side. It can create more exacter front side power and back side power for double-glaze modules and increases the power generation of photovoltaic power stations;

LID less than 1.5 %(20KWH test) , It can provide the power station with a durable power generation capacity

Advanced light injection technology for cell LID solutions (lamp current and more uniform illumination)

Maximized power generation capacity and sustainable power generation capacity