Core Advantage


Aiko Solar


Received World’s First Bifacial PID Certification.                           

PID Condition : Temperature 85, Humidity 85%, 192H, -1500V, PL3%, Received World’s First Bifacial PID Certification Issued By TUV. 


Innovative Double-sided Efficiency Test For Bifacial Cell Brings Greater Values To Customers

Aiko Solar conducts double-sides flash test for bifacial cells and obtain EL test images and detail test data of front & rear side.


Aiko Solar provides bifacial cells with integrated data of front & rear side.  So customers can make higher value of bifacial modules and increase power output of solar power station.


LID > 1.2 %5KWH test, It can provide the power station with a sustainable power generation capacity

Advanced light injection technology for LID solution (Light current and more stable illumination


Maximized power generation capacity and sustainable power generation.