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    Aiko Solar focuses on the most important part of PV power generation – solar cell R&D and manufacturing, dedicated to providing customers with efficient, reliable, and competitive cells.



    Knowing that innovation is the key to a company’s survival, Aiko Solar has been conducting in-depth research, applying for patents, and making good preparations of technology, to maintain its leading position in cell technology.


    Forward looking

    With a prospective vision, the company has adopted the tubular PECVD to manufacture the PERC cells based on innovative research, making it one of the first companies in the industry to mass-produce the PERC cells.

    Aiko two advanced technologies

    Aiko two advanced technologies


    Tubular bifacial PERC technology

    Aiko Solar's innovative step of using the tubular PECVD to manufacture the PERC cells solved the problem of process control in tubular PECVD equipment and led to mass production of tubular PERC one/double-sided cells. The tubular PERC technology is more advanced than other PERC technologies in terms of conversion efficiency, deposition temperature, passive film compactness, and anti-PID performance. Also, it allows alumina membrane and silicon nitride membrane deposition with the same equipment, and flexible combinations among alumina membrane, silica membrane, silicon nitride membrane, and silicon carbide membrane, etc., and it uses the unique and key passivation process to equip the passivated membranes with superb anti-PID capabilities.

    Aiko Solar’s bifacial PERC cells manufactured with its tubular PERC technology, have a PID attenuation of less than 3% after being tested in 85℃/85RH, ±1500V and 192h, passing the anti-PID test of China’s PV product quality supervision and inspection center (No.: 2018DMWA01158), making it the first bifacial PERC cell module to have passed the test in the world.

    Bifacial metrology and classification technology

    Aiko Solar pioneered the bifacial, metrology, and classification technology for bifacial cells. With lighting to both sides, it can conduct test to both sides of a cell in a single test. Independent source of light is used for the front and rear side of the double-test equipment to avoid mutual interference. 3A+ source of light precisely simulates natural environment, to make test data more commensurate with the actual power generation. And the bifacial cells have 0.1% grade on the front side and 0.5% grade on the rear side, delivering the maximum efficiency on the front side and consistent efficiency on the rear side, to reduce system mismatch of the client and potential threats to reliability and improve the power generation gain of the modules. Based on different reflectances, environments, and scenes of different geography, owners, design institutes, and EPC can offer reference to the DC-AC ratio, precisely select the volume and specification of bifacial inverters, accurately predict the power generation of the front and rear side, and precisely analyze IRR of power plants and the planning and design for reference, to further reduce the cost of electricity in the PV industry.


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    With the industry's leading PERC cell manufacturing technology and production and supply capabilities, it is one of the world's major suppliers of PERC cell.

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